About AiPlan

AiPlan developed in accordance with IEC 62083, IAEA 1540, AAPM TG 119, IEC 61217 international standards, also consistent with the new registration standards YY0889 (AAPM TG 119), YY0775 (IAEA 1540) and YY0637 (IEC62083) proposed by NMPA in 2014

Multimodal image registration technology

GPU based acceleration and multi-modal training based on AI
Multi-modal rigid/elastic registration of CT-CT, CT-MR, CT-PET, CT-CBCT

Dose calculation engine

AAA+: Complete Single field dose calculation in few seconds. Complete a plan dose calculation in 20s

Extremely fast Monte Carlo: “Golden standard" in dose calculation. Complete a plan dose calculation in 60s. Calculation deviation less than 0.8%

Inverse planning IMRT

Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy Plan (VMAT): Based Direct Aperture Optimization algorithm to achieve better dose distribution

Dynamic IMRT: Based on the Fluence Map Optimization (FMO) algorithm and fast leaf sequence generating algorithm, system can generate high-quality plan, which is widely used in various popular linear accelerators

Static IMRT: Direct Aperture Optimization algorithm to achieve faster beam delivery

Intelligent Plan

Automatically planning filter is used for anti-neural network training. Based on the predicting dose distributions, a high-quality plan is generated without manual intervention